Binky: License to Scratch
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Board Book
Paperback with flaps
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6 1/2 x 8 1/2
Graphic Novel
Ages: 7 to 10
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Ashley Spires
Ashley Spires
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Binky: License to Scratch

Binky: License to Scratch

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Binky the Space Cat along with fellow space pets Gordie and Gracie have been left at the pet hotel while their humans go on vacation. Only it’s not a hotel at all — it’s the vet! “No way are they staying,” Binky thinks. “They are an elite space team. There is no chance that a ‘pet hotel’ will contain the likes of them.” So the trio hatch a plan to escape through the building’s vents. But along the way, their mission takes a precarious turn when they stumble upon the secret lab of the notorious Professor Tuffy in the vet’s basement. A former space pet, Tuffy switched allegiances years ago to work with the aliens. Since then, she’s been perfecting the ultimate anti-human weapon, and it’s finally complete! Does the team have what it takes to thwart the evil fugitive before she unleashes her ingenious creation on the world?

This is the final book in the popular graphic novel adventure series starring the irresistible Binky, beloved for his deadpan humor and unwavering dedication to the cause. With high drama, unexpected twists and loads of physical comedy — punctuated with comical animal sound effects throughout — bestselling author and illustrator Ashley Spires’s series provides hilarious, page-turning fun. It’s perfect for beginning readers who are looking for lively stories without too much text. The mission-oriented perspective of the team also lends this title to character education lessons on courage, initiative and teamwork.


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A Binky Adventure
in collection

Binky may look like an ordinary housecat, but he’s actually a certified member of F.U.R.S.T. (Felines of the Universe Ready for Space Travel). His mission? Protecting his space station (house) from alien domination (bugs), of course! Readers of all  ages will love the Binky graphic novels, which mix dry humour and sci-fi slapstick with lots of heart.

Titles in collection: Binky the Space Cat, Binky to the Rescue, Binky Under Pressure, Binky Takes Charge, Binky: License to Scratch.